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Discover the 13 Best Live Music Venues In London

London is one of the greatest music cities in the world. Artists such as David Bowie, Amy Winehouse, The Libertines and many, many more have spent countless hours honing their craft and electrifying audiences all of the capital.

11 secret places to get your chill on in Rio

It’s easy to see why Rio is high on most people’s bucket list. This intense and beautiful city is home to some of the most iconic sights in the world, from Christ the Redeemer to Carnival to the beaches of Ipanema and Copacabana. But there’s also a more tranquil, offbeat side to the city where you can escape the chaos and recharge your batteries. Here are our top 10 tips. 1.

How Travel Friendships Can Transform Us

The travel friendship is a very particular kind of relationship – short, sharp, intense, deep and transformative. These relationships we form when we travel come out of nowhere and change us, and then inevitably leave us again as swiftly as they came. I’m a serial traveller/nomad, making my way around the world with my blog, so I’ve had my fair share of these friendships land in my path.