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10 Best Things To Do In Milan For Free

Milan is Italy’s capital of fashion, shopping and luxury, but it’s actually easier than you think to visit the city whilst sticking to a budget! Getting to Milan isn’t particularly

7 Of The Best Road Trips In The USA

When most people think about travelling to or around the United States, the usual suspects come to mind: Florida, New York, Los Angeles etc.

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Could you survive the world’s most haunted hostel?

Have you ever wanted to say, “remember that time we slept in a haunted jail?” Well it’s your (un)lucky day as HI Ottowa Jail Hostel in Canada is a half-converted hostel complete with ghostly screams, reported sleep paralysis, and unwanted visitors standing at the end of your bed.

21 Stunning Pictures From The Festival Of Lights In Berlin

Wow! Berlin is awash with illumination – from the impressive Berlin Cathedral to the Brandenburg Gate and endless small and huge light installations, this incredible festival is a unique annual event is taking place for the 12th time. The entire city is a stunning work of art – 1.  Here’s the Berlin Cathedral (with the Berlin TV Tower in the background) 2.  Or the Theater im Palais 3.

Nervous About Solo Travel? Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Be…

When I first told other people that I was going on a trip around the world, the first question I almost ALWAYS heard from people was: “Who with?” When I replied that I travel alone, I remember being peppered with pitying glances, frightened facial expressions, and numerous anxious questions. Yes, I am a woman who travels alone. Voluntarily.