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  1. 'Barcelona's highlights' podcast coming soon...

    posted by Colm Hanratty | 0 Comments

    'Barcelona's highlights' podcast coming soon...


    Earlier today I recorded my first of two podcasts here in Barcelona. This was with Maria Lluisa Albacar from Barcelona Turisme. I was a bit wound up when I arrived for some reason, so she was adamant that I calm down before conducting the interview. I did, of course, and by the time it came round to the actual interview I was a lot more relaxed.

    Rather than record the podcast in their office, we went to a bar/restaurant around the corner called La Bastarda on Calle Balmes. It's a cool hangout and is a nice chilled place to grab a bite to eat. They also put on free cabaret shows every Friday night.

    Anyway, we got the podcast recorded and you'll be able to listen to it tomorrow on our podcast page.

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