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  1. "10 things B.A." day 1

    posted by Colm Hanratty | 1 Comments


    Today I began shooting "10 things you need to know about Buenos Aires". It will be coming to a monitor (flatscreen or otherwise) near you soon. With me to give me a hand is my colleague Itziar, more commonly known as 'Itzy' (that's her in the photo).

    Without giving too much of the content away (you’ll have to wait until this masterpiece is complete before discovering what those ten things are), we started off the day in a part of B.A. called Palermo. Nice part of town it has to be said.

    From here I travelled down the tree-lined Avenida Santa Fe before returning to the hostel to meet Mario from Hostel Suits Florida who was bringing me to a Boca Juniors game. Unfortunately I’ve -no pictures of this famous sporting event as I was advised not to take my camera. Wouldn’t have made much difference – the foot long bag over my shoulder pretty much screamed ‘camera’ of some description and nobody bothered me. Anyway, I made it to a game as well as El Camonita, the most famous street in this well-known neighbourhood.

    Upon my return I did a few more bits and pieces around downtown B.A. Now I’m back in the hostel and tonight I’m going to put together the podcast I recorded in Cusco.

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    latetraveler said on 10/11/2009 at 1:02am

    Hi colm: Gosh, I wish I were you at this moment:) I looooove buenos aires; heck, I love Argentina and the entire south america!! I just came back a week ago and my soul is still there. Anyway, you should definately check the antiques/flea fair that takes place every weekend around san telmo. San telmo is my favorite part of Bs As; the architecture is stunning, tons of hostels and it's not far from the obelisk and many other major sites. Take advantage of the steaks and wine! The best steak on earth!! Also, try their napolitana pizza, it's awesome! Happy trails:)

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