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  1. 13 Ways Germans Win at Life

    posted by Isabel Clift | 3 Comments

    13 Ways Germans Win at Life


    The German football team take their victory lap around Berlin today. To celebrate, we take a look at some of the other things the nation's been getting right...

    So we all know Germany are 2014 World Cup champions...

    World Cup Champions

    The fourth-time winners achieved these awesome feats during World Cup...

    • Germany reached the final for the eighth time, more than any other side
    • In their 7-1 semi-final victory over Brazil, they also set a record as the top-scoring nation (223) in the history of the competition - also beating Brazil.
    • Miroslav Klose is the top-scoring player in World Cup history (16 goals).

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    But they were winning at life long before the World Cup...

    1. Germans are ingenious at opening beer

     Germans opening beer

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    2. They are the second largest beer drinking nation after Ireland

    Giant German beer

    Beer is officially considered a food in Bavaria.

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    3. A German invented gummy bears

     Haribo gummy bears

    Hans Riegel, owner of sweets manufacturers Haribo, invented gummy bears in the 20s. His son - who carried on the family business - is pictured above. 

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    4. And a few *other* kinds of Haribo…


    "Arsch mit Ohren" is "Ass with ears", an old-fashioned German insult.

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    5. There are over 1,000 kinds of sausage in Germany.

    German sausages 

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    6. Bread, the greatest of all carbs, is rightly worshipped in Germany

    German bread 

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    7. And German philosophers have contributed to how we see the world... more significantly than some others we could mention...


    Famous philosophers include Nietzsche, Marx, Kant and Hegel.

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    8. Germans see no need for your puny 'speed limit'


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    9. But there are rules, you know! Fantastically logical rules…

    How not to embarrass yourself in Germany 

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    10. The German language is a wonderful beast

     German language

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    11. Their mighty economy is presided over by Europe’s strongest power-poser

    Angela Merkel 

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    12. Germans work a shorter and more productive work-week than Americans (and many Europeans)

    Read more in this Salon article.

    13. And they enlisted immortal musical maestro David Hasselhoff to help bring down the Wall


    Years before anyone else cottoned on to his demi-God status.

    So let's raise a glass to Germany...


    ...winners at life and everything.  

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  2. 3 Comments so far.

    Daniel said on 24/07/2014 at 8:35pm

    It's a democracy: beer as cheap as drinking water (like 20 EUR cents for a can). Truly a role model for other countries where beer costs a fortune (5 dollars a bottle).

    Rl said on 20/07/2014 at 1:30am

    They are winners also at -One of the ruddest people on earth. -Poor quality meat and fish -Reduced variety in supermarkets/ -Water as expensive as beer. -Despite being the land of the kartoffel (potatoes), all the frites you can find are always prefrited and frozen. -so hard to get a long drink properly served -Many just dont know who to laugh

    Tony and Kerry Miller said on 17/07/2014 at 4:42am

    In 1984 we were travelling by train from Northern Spain through to Paris where we had 4 hours to make our way to the other side of Paris to catch another train to Munich (yes it was beerfest time). The train to Paris was 3 and a half hours late. We just managed to catch the next train (along with many other back packers including many German Nationals) with around five minutes to spare. By the time the next train reached the French/German border it too was over half an hour late. However we pulled into Munich right on time. Good on you Germany.

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