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  1. 20 Video Postcards now live on Hostelworld.com

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    20 Video Postcards now live on Hostelworld.com


    Our 20th video postcard went live on Hostelworld.com this week. It was recorded in Split, Croatia and features lots of the top Split attractions.

    These 20 video postcards have been recorded in cities around the world including Mendoza, Oslo, Johannesburg and Liverpool as well as many others. In these video postcards we give you a good look at some of the top attractions, bars and restaurants in the city in question. We also take you around some of the most popular neighbourhoods and show you a selection of the best shopping opportunities.

    Thanks to everyone who’s watched our first 20 Hostelworld.com Video Postcards and keep an eye out for upcoming video postcards featuring cities like Bruges, Washington, Cusco, Hamburg, Toronto, Bath and many more.

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