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  1. 5-on-5: Best Ways to Save on Your Summer Vacation

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    5-on-5: Best Ways to Save on Your Summer Vacation


    Now that summer is upon us, vacationers are leaving their daily routines behind and escaping the confines of their offices as they embark on summer vacations. However, the recent recession has put a substantial dent in a lot of people’s travel funds, and many travellers are looking to enjoy their treasured vacations without breaking the bank.  Savvy travellers have already discovered that the 21st century hostel provides luxury accommodations at a fraction of the cost of a hotel, with the added bonus of having a great social atmosphere.

    In the spirit of saving money without sacrificing a vacation of fun and pampering, this month’s “5 on 5” reviews five other great ways to stretch your vacation dollars to the limit.

    Flexibility is key

    While planning your vacation, be flexible when booking your travel days. Staying in hostels mid-week will usually work out cheaper and changing a flight by just one day can sometimes save you hundreds.

    Dollar-friendly destinations

    If your summer vacation takes you out of the US, pick a destination where the exchange rate for the dollar is strong. It’s a lot easier to save when your money increases in value upon arriving at your destination.

    Keep an eye out for special deals and competitions

    Be sure to spend time searching for special deals where you are staying. Signing up to newsletters can often give you the opportunity to enter competitions for free accommodation or give you the low down on special deals and discounts.

    Some of the best things are free

    A lot of the best sights and sounds of cities are for free, and some are free on certain days of the year. Take European museums - many are free to enter and for those that aren’t, such as the Louvre in Paris, it is free to enter if you’re under 26. If you aren’t don’t fret –  it’s also free the first Sunday of the month.

    Eating in is the new eating out

    There is no need to spend a lot of money eating out while on vacation as all hostels come equipped with a kitchen open to all guests. It’s also a great way to strike up a new friendship whilst cooking up a storm. Less money spent at restaurants means fuller pockets for more exciting activities, partying and lots more.

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