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  • 6 steps to the ultimate Super Bowl Sunday

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  1. 6 steps to the ultimate Super Bowl Sunday

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    Super Bowl 2014

    The Super Bowl party is a chance to celebrate all that is great about the mighty USA. Loud team sports, beer and more food than is humanly possible to consume are just some of the defining characteristics of any Super Bowl soirée. Others include placing bets, shouting at the TV and did I mention beer?

    Sound fun? You should do it.

    Like all great parties, there’s a subtle art to throwing a truly great Super Bowl celebration. It’s a delicate process that must be handled with care. Want to know how? You came to the right place.

    1. The guest list must be legendary

    The trick is to get the balance right. If there are too many football fanatics then your light hearted gathering of friends could take a turn towards aggressive and competitive. However, if there isn’t enough game passion, the party will rock on and may lead to you missing the game. Invite an eclectic mix of football fans and good friends to keep your party ticking along nicely.

    2.  Food plays a supporting role

    There’s no need spend hours in the kitchen preparing a gourmet meal, the focus of the event is obnoxious sports enjoyment. Let the name of the occasion inspire you…The Super Bowl is not about exciting the pallet with exotic flavours, now is the time to keep things simple and sociable. A buffet served up in big bowls is a great way to get your guests bonding. Try a big bowl of crisps or nachos; mixing together grated cheese, salsa and sour cream makes for a delicious dip. Another good trick is to be sloppy with your food prep and leave things half done. If you’d like the end result to be sandwiches, lay out some shredded meat, salad and bread and let your guests do the assembling.


    3. A little atmosphere goes a long way

    Why not add a touch of team spirit with some football inspired decorations? Hang up posters of competing teams, lay out a novelty tablecloth or even just lay out some NFL magazines for a little bit of light reading. Football themed cupcakes will also go down a treat. Creating some atmosphere for your gathering is sure-fire way to build game tension and get your guests excited.

    Football cupcakes

    4. Go big or go home

    In a perfect world, we would all own a beautiful plasma screen TV that stands at a minimum of 40 inches and is accompanied by a killer sound system. Sadly, it’s not always possible to spend one’s life savings on a gorgeous TV screen in preparation for Super Bowl Sunday. Fear not, there is a solution. An at home projector can be hooked up to your home TV or laptop and is a great way to increase the size of your NFL experience without parting with the pennies.

    5. Keep up the energy

    With all the competitive energy and screaming at the TV, a friendly game during half time can be the best way to keep the momentum of your party and dispel and sporting tensions. Why not make things interesting by getting beer involved? Beer pong or flip cup are both great party treats.

    Beer Pong

    6. The touchdown

    You may consider serving hard alcohol or wine during your Super Bowl party (as you would with any other gathering of close friends). Be warned, do not do this – it is sacrilege and defies the laws of the Super Bowl order. Beer is synonymous with American football and speaks to a long and sacred tradition that dates back for generations (well, back to the sixties at least).

    It can get difficult (and expensive) to keep a drink in everyone’s hand throughout the entire game, so to help keep your beer flow unstoppable, why not implement an encouraging BYOB policy? That way you can alleviate some of the pressure from yourself as the host and concentrate on having a good time.

    Football fans

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