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  1. A burger and a drink with a local

    posted by Colm Hanratty | 0 Comments

    A burger and a drink with a local


    Thursday February 11th (evening): Last Thursday evening I went for something to eat on Devonport Road in Glenwood. I’ve been assured that this is where you’ll find a few restaurants. It’s true, you will. There’s one called Hemmingways which is a bit fancy for the budget traveller, one called Pizette which does good pizza, and another called Yossi’s which does Moroccan fare. I decided to opt for none of these and go to Deluxe Burger Bar instead. I felt that this was the one the average Hostelworld.com customer would opt for.

    It turned out to be a good choice and a bad choice. A good choice because the burgers are good with lots of inventive ingredients, it’s an extremely relaxed joint with cool décor and staff are friendly. Bad because a met a Durbanite there who befriended me and kept topping up my drink.

    I stayed there with my new friend (his name was Brandon if I remember correctly) until the restaurant closed. From there we went down to Yossi’s for a drink before I decided I should be calling it a day. But I did and thankfully I got up in time for the safari. If I missed that I would have been very annoyed.

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