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  1. A Cape Town institution

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    A Cape Town institution


    Last night I went to La Med in Camps Bay for a few ‘sundowners’. No trip to Cape Town is complete without going there apparently. It was pretty hectic out there. This was also largely due to the fact that one of South Africa’s most popular bands were playing. They’re called ‘Goldfish’. If you’re not South African and you’re one of these people who likes to listen to cool bands that nobody’s heard of before, you should go buy their album.

    I went with Brendan from The Backpack and Peter and Shodi, a Dutch couple who are also staying here. They’re cool people – they’re over here writing a story about Nelson Mandela’s roots along with a few other bits and pieces too.

    Now it’s Monday morning. I don’t mind Mondays to be honest. Don’t see what all the commotion is with them. Mind you this Monday is different to most others as rather than going into the office for the day I’m about to drive out to Cape Point. There’s just one thing though – the weather. It’s very grey outside.

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