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  1. A day looking out the window

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    A day looking out the window


    When I was in Mendoza in Hostel Lao I met an English couple called John and Sonia. They’re cool guys. Yesterday, after walking down to the lake to almost get blown into it for the above photograph, I bumped into them again in a café called La Esquina. “Thought you were going to Buenos Aires?” they asked me when they met me. I was…my route’s a funny one.

    We sat there for a number of hours chatting about many things, namely football, music and how I’ve apparently got the best job in the world. At this stage, if I’d a Euro for every time somebody told me that, I wouldn’t actually have to work. We also sat looking out the window at the weather which really is awful. Oh, and in the middle of it all I got my hair cut. You may notice in some future photographs that my hair is shorter than in previous ones.

    Then last night we went to a restaurant called Di Como. We were advised to go there by John and Emma from Hostel Pudu here in Bariloche where we're staying. We were also recommended it by a local restaurateur who told us not to go for the penne as it’s the only pasta that isn’t made fresh. We didn’t. We went for a ravioli and a fettuccine. We tried their pizza also. All were delicious.


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