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  1. A day of nothing, and some local nightlife

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    A day of nothing, and some local nightlife


    Yesterday I didn’t sleep for the day, or drink, but I did do a serious amount of chilling. The weather here was awful so there wasn’t a whole lot to do to be honest.

    Then last night was the night to hit the town here in Puerto Iguazu. There’s a cool bar here in Hostel Inn but it’s always nice to see what’s going on in the town itself. Plus my job requires that I check out the bars.

    Avenida Brasil is where it’s at in case you’re wondering. Along here you’ll find two places in particular worth checking out:

    Jackie Brown: This almost-entirely Quentin Tarrantino-themed bar serves good cocktails and has a nice relaxed atmosphere.

    Cuba Libre: Iguazu’s main club and one that doesn’t get going until late at night. A word of warning though – they may not put that much alcohol in your drink. Last night I was a bit disgruntled because of this. Now I’m thankful as I’m off to the Brazilian side of the Iguazu Falls.

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