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  1. A familiar face

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    Last night was a quiet night that turned into a bit of a late one. I returned to Newtown for something to eat as I was told it’s a happening spot at night time. It’s not. There’s one bar on the main square there called Mary Fitzgerald Square (she was Irish, to be sure) but other than that it’s pretty quiet.

    So there I was having something to eat when my phone rang. It was a mate from back home called Stephen Delany. He’s just moved over here. I heard he was living here just before I came over so looked him up on Facebook and dropped him a line. Didn’t think I’d be meeting him but then got the call!

    We went to somewhere which was just what I was looking for. It’s a neighbourhood called Parkhurst and has lots of bars and restaurants, all along 6th St. Pub we opted for was the Jolly Roger. It’s a real ‘pub’ where the only thing about it is beer and chats. 

    It wasn’t the latest night in the world, but we still had a few. I told Steve that I was heading on a bike tour to Soweto today. He decided to join me so in about an hour or so, just before I leave South Africa for good (this time anyway), I’m going on a bike tour of South Africa’s most famous township.


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