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  1. A flight of beer – my very first one

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    A flight of beer – my very first one


    Today, along with Mark and Ray from HI Washington (Danny actually works in head office but came in to say hi), I had my very first ‘flight of beer’. So what’s a flight of beer you ask? Well, it’s simple. It’s a selection of beers served in tumbler style glasses; almost shots. But they’re not shooters. They’re meant to be tasted, you see.

    So we went for a mix of a light beer, a dark beer, a pale ale, and two others which I can’t remember right now. Mark and Danny were obviously more used to these than I was, as I was lagging behind them big time. But I got there in the end. And if you’re wondering why we opted for them? That’s because where we were drinking specalises in beer. So why not try lots of them?

    Over a couple of hours we talked about travelling and hostelling, and the difference between the American traveller and the European/Australian traveller. In my opinion (and not only mine), Irish, people from the UK and those from Australia, NZ and South Africa are more prone to travel than Americans are. We all go on ‘gap years’, where you take a year out in between college and going into the big bad world or grad school. What we're all going to do collectively is promote them more. It was an enjoyable couple of hours.

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