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  1. A good catch up

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    A good catch up


    Yesterday, after spending most of the afternoon getting footage for a new video which will be available on the site soon, I’d a great catch up with my friend. Hadn’t seen him in a long time. Really enjoyed it. We started in his bar called the Carlow on 84th and Lexington before going downtown to a bar around the 30s.

    We ended up having quite a few beers. And today has been a bit of a struggle. But I got up and had a walk around Central Park earlier to try to clean a few cobwebs. It did the trick rightly.

    Tonight, after doing a few more bits and pieces for the video, I’m catching up with yet another friend from back home. A lot of people from my home town live here in New York. It won’t be as hectic as last night hopefully.

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