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  1. A hectic morning in Port Elizabeth

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    A hectic morning in Port Elizabeth


    Spent a good portion of yesterday going to check out some of the city’s main sights along with Ed and Martin from Lungile Lodge. First off was a trip to the Port Elizabeth Museum, which was really interesting.

    The museum is filled with lots of local finds including an interesting collection of stuff that was found out in the bay. Some natural history displays can also be seen here.

    The ticket for the museum comes along with entrance to Bayworld, which is the PE aquarium. We went to have a quick look but to be honest there wasn’t much in it at all. I think some of the tanks need a major upgrade too. Still, even if you don’t make it into Bayworld, the price of the ticket is definitely worth it for the Museum in itself.

    After that it was off to Kings Beach where a flea market is held every Sunday morning. There were lots of stalls selling everything from curios to carving to flip flops, with plenty of stalls to stop at along the way too.

    Then we jumped back in the car and headed to the Donkin Reserve. Donkin was a very important man in the city’s history and PE is actually named after his wife Elizabeth. Here you’ll see a lighthouse and pretty imposing pyramid. Extensive renovations are taking place here at the moment so you can’t go inside the lighthouse. Still totally worth a look though, as the views you get of the bay from this spot are really brilliant.

    We swung by the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan Museum on the way to St. George’s Park and met the friendly gallery staff who told us all about the exhibits which include a wooden coffin in the shape of a lobster from Ghana.

    My favourite part of the morning was out visit to St. George’s Park. It was filled with people and there were lots of things going on as it was a Sunday morning which you can see in the picture here. I imagine there’d be plenty of people chilling out in the shade during the week too as it’s a cool spot to head to if you want a change from the beachfront.

    So a hectic morning. Followed by a pretty great afternoon.

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