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  1. A hidden gem in Puerto Iguazu

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    A hidden gem in Puerto Iguazu


    Each time I go into Puerto Iguazu from Hostel Inn I pass by a ‘parilla’ (grill house specialising in meat) that always looks extremely busy. It’s called Las Canitas. This evening I ate there and I can safely say it’s up there with the best restaurants in Argentina.

    Upon walking in myself and Richie were a bit put off by the loud music. But after a while we got into the swing of things and were clapping along. This was down to one factor – everyone else was doing the same thing.

    As it is a ‘parilla’, we both ordered steak. Costing just $30 pesos, we both feel we found a right little gem (you won't find it in many guides) in Puerto Iguazu. Don’t miss if you like top quality cheap steak with live music to accompany.

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