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  1. A hike around the Point

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    A hike around the Point


    Mossel Bay Backpackers is in a great spot close to The Point where you'll find a bunch of restaurants, along with a great surfing beach (I saw lots of guys out there today), the Khoi-San Cave and an awesome hiking trail up to the top of the Point.

    I took that trail as I hoped to get a better view of the lighthouse at the top. It turned out that the Point trail curved up and around in an unexpected way so instead of the St Blaize Lighthouse I was faced with some pretty incredible views of the cliffs and crashing waves below.

    That turned out to be a longer walk then I expected so now I'm back at the hostel and I think I'll be calling it a night now. Tomorrow I've got to call Michelle, my contact in White Shark Africa to see if my cage diving trip is set for tomorrow or Wednesday and if it's not till Wednesday then I'll spend the day checking out the town.

    For now though, it's definitely time for bed.

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