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  1. A journey to the end of the world

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    A journey to the end of the world


    After breakfast this morning, and updating my blog, I went into town for some lunch. That’s when I ate in Tapas. Now I’m in ‘The Rock’ for my dinner. But in the meantime I did something every person coming to Hermanus should do – drive to Cape Agulhus.

    Cape Agulhas is the most Southern Tip of South Africa, meaning it’s the Most Southern Tip of the Continent of Africa. It’s also where the Indian Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean meet, as you can see which is another pretty cool fact.

    Now, after I polish off this line fish which is going to land in front of me any second, I’m going for a beer next door in ‘Gecko Bar’ with Guy, a guy (couldn’t really help that pun now could I?) I was out with last night. He’s a waiter here in the restaurant. Small world.

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