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  1. A long day trekking

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    A long day trekking


    I'm feeling quite happy with myself have to say. Today I started hiking at 8am. The views along the way are spectacular. It was tough in places, but nothing too strenuous. Along the way we passed through valleys with breathtaking scenery and more.

    After lunch we set off again, this time along a rail track en route to Aguas Calientes. Scenery wasn't as dramatic in the morning, although getting hit by the 2.20pm train from Aguas Calientes was a bit of a highlight.

    Now I have reached Aguas Calientes. While Cusco is the base point for Macchu Picchu, this small town is literally at the foot of the famous mountain. I read bad things about it, and a colleague told me it wasn't a nice place also. But I have to say I don't think it's that bad. Sure, it was basically invented because of tourism, but it's clean and, once you don’t mind being told it’s happy hour repeatedly, you'll probably agree with me.

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