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  1. A new podcast and a quiet night in

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    A new podcast and a quiet night in


    Hostelworld.com’s Travel Podcast for Cusco is now finished, as you know from the other post which states that. I’m happy with it. Hope you are too if you give it a listen. Spent a good bit of time editing that last night and didn’t make it out for anything to eat at all.

    I’ve spent all day today shooting the “10 things…B.A.” video again. Today we’ve shot a bit around Avenida 9 de Julio (it’s the widest avenue in the world you know), visited Puerto Madero and Casa Rosada again (needed to take a picture of me making an idiot of myself in front of it) among other places. I think the video’s going to come out well.

    I’m tired now if I’m honest but I need to wake up as this evening myself and Itzy are going out for a well-deserved steak.

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