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  1. A night at the casino

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    A night at the casino


    Located just across the road from Durban’s spanking new football stadium (it seems to be the most innovative of all the new stadiums built for the World Cup) is Suncoast Casino and Entertainment Complex. If you’re looking to blow all your hard-earned Rand at the craps table, or maybe just grab a bite to eat and catch a movie, this is where to go.

    I made it over there for around 8.30pm last night. It’s like one of the smaller (and tackier, if I’m honest) casinos in Las Vegas. It’s cool though, and definitely worth visiting. There are lots of great restaurants, a food court, an ‘all-you-can eat’ buffet and a cinema too.

    I ventured in to the casino to have a look. I was planning on playing a bit of Russian Roulette, but there were so many people standing around each table who were throwing down chips on literally every number, I decided to give it a miss. I wouldn’t have had a clue what I was doing and, due to my early start, I was tired and not in the mood to look like a fool. That’s why I left at 11pm to go back to where I’m staying and jump straight into bed.

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