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  1. A night out in Toronto

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    A night out in Toronto


    After eating out on Baldwin Street, I started to make my way towards King Street West, a popular spot filled with bars and restaurants. On the way there, as often happens, I stumbled across three other great places too.

    The first two were The Village Idiot and Sin and Redemption, located just a few doors down from each other on McCaul Street. Both bars serve up a huge selection of beers, have plenty of places to sit, and attract a lively crowd.

    Then it was down to Queen Street West and the Horseshoe Tavern. A band was just setting up while I was in there, and the place was already pretty hopping with punters. People were standing around chatting, playing pool, and evening sitting outside with their drinks. This place has a really great atmosphere, serves up a variety or drinks and is apparently one of the coolest live music venues in the city.

    Finally, I found my way onto King Street West, which does indeed boast numerous restaurants and bars. Of the bars here, I quite liked Firkin on King. There’s a really welcoming vibe in this large bar which is spread out over two levels. Tonight there was a wine special on and apparently there’s a different drinks special every night. So, it’s definitely a good spot to check out.

    Tomorrow I’m recording a couple of podcasts and I have a whole host of attractions to check out here in Toronto.

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