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  1. A productive day in Cusco - podcasts and more

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    A productive day in Cusco - podcasts and more


    Today was a productive day. I got around all of the Cusco's sights and attractions, recorded a podcast which will be up on the site soon, and shot lots of footage for a video postcard of the city.

    While many people use Cusco solely as a base for visiting Machu Picchu, there are some sights worth checking out there. The best-known is Plaza de Armas, boarded by Iglesia and the city's cathedral. This is the city's focal point and you will inevitably end up here at numerous stages throughout your stay in Cusco. Nearby is the Inca Museum. Covering two floors, the bottom floor has two rooms that document life before the Incas. On top there are 21 rooms, all dedicated to Inca life in Peru. And if you're feeling energetic you should check out Sacsay Human (pretty much pronounced 'Sexy Woman') which is an old Inca site near the city.

    As I stated earlier, I recorded the Cusco podcast today. If you've been following Hostelworld's tweets on Twitter, you may know by now that I had trouble finding an interviewee for the Cusco podcast. But I got there in the end. I'll put up a post when it's ready.

    While tonight was bars in Cusco, tonight it's all about the hostel as LOKI Backpacker Hostel are opening their brand new bar tonight. Should be fun. I'll be able to join in a little bit. Only a little though – have to be up at 7am as tomorrow I'm being picked up at 7.45am to go on a 3-day trek tour that ends in Machu Picchu.

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