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  1. A quick hello and goodbye and a podcast

    posted by Colm Hanratty | 0 Comments

    A quick hello and goodbye and a podcast


    After the shark dive, yesterday was a very busy day. Straight after the dive I went straight back to Hermanus Backpackers where I was staying for a quick shower. Here I met Hayley who manages the hostel. It was a very brief hello and goodbye, but it was nice to meet her. That’s a picture of the hostel there. It’s a great hostel and if you’re coming here I personally recommend it.

    From the hostel (they actually call them ‘backpackers’ over here, but more about that in a different post) I went into town to meet a lady called Storm who works for Hermanus Tourism. Like my previous meeting with Hayley, this too was a brief encounter. After introducing myself we went outside and recorded the podcast which will be available on the site soon.

    Then it was back to Cape Town…

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