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  1. A room with a view

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    A room with a view


    This morning I left Port Elizabeth behind and moved on to Jefferys Bay or J Bay which is an hour’s drive from PE along the coast. I travelled using the Baz Bus and had very friendly driver named Patrick who was more than happy to help me with my mammoth bag.

    The bus took me straight to Island Vibe which is where I’ll be spending my three nights here in J Bay. And yep, that’s the view from the balcony of my room. I’ve been grinning pretty much the entire morning. It’s really hard not to smile when faced with such a gorgeous place.

    Ed who was such an awesome help to me in PE is also here in J Bay so I’m off to meet him now and we’re going to watch a surf lesson now and then have something to eat. Not a bad morning’s work!

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