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  1. A stroll and lots of restaurants

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    A stroll and lots of restaurants


    One of things Leslie and Mirjam here at Albergo for Backpackers told me about Plett today was that it was safe to walk around on my own in the town. I was delighted to hear this as I’m a bit of a wanderer by nature and it’s been a little weird for me to not just be able to walk everywhere.

    Of course, as with anywhere, you have to be sensible but I have to say I had a really great walk this evening when the sun started to emerge again. From the hostel, I made my way down to Main Road which runs through the centre of town and is home to many of Plett’s restaurants and stores.

    I was on a mission to find some dinner and I was in luck! I headed into the Kitchen Café where I had the delicious pasta dish. Not only was the food great but the view was excellent too. The wall of the restaurant is lined with huge windows and you can see out over the bay. It was a really tasty meal and really good value too!

    Then I went for another bit of a wander further down the street and came across another great restaurant in the form of LM. They promise you a taste of Mozambique and I was really interested to try something out. Because I’d already had dinner, I decided to see if I could just stop in and have some dessert.

    As with everywhere I’ve been in South Africa so far, the staff were really friendly and assured me that it was fine to just have dessert and coffee. I took a seat at one of the outdoor tables and asked the waiter what was on offer as the desserts here are constantly changing. As you can see from the picture, they really didn’t skimp on the portion and oh my was it delicious. Light and sweet and the perfect ending to my first day in Plett.

    Back at the hostel, Leslie helped me figure out how to hook my laptop up to his own internet so I can get more work done and Mirjam had a look at a bite on my ankle. There are two bite marks close together which apparently means it's probably a spider bite. I've had it for a few days and it's a bit irritating but not actively painful. I figure if it was a bite from a bad spider I'd already know all about it so I'm not too worried. Mirjam wants to me to keep an eye on it just in case though, and if it hasn't gone down soon we can take a trip to the pharmacy. (See Mam, I'm being well looked after!)

    I can hear some people getting ready to go out from the hostel but I’m headed to bed. I have to be up early as we’re leaving for the elephant sanctuary just after 8pm. But hey, the bars will be there tomorrow night too!

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