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  1. A thought-provoking afternoon

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    A thought-provoking afternoon


    Yesterday I went to Soweto for the first time. It’s South Africa’s largest and most famous township. It’s actually an amalgamation of many townships as Soweto stands for South Western Townships.

    I didn’t stay for long unfortunately. I just went out to visit Lebo's Soweto Backpackers to interview Lebo himself for a podcast. I really enjoyed the interview. I spoke to him about Soweto itself, his hostel and the bike tour he does. Hopefully I’ll get to do it on Sunday.

    After Soweto I visited one of the most thought-provoking museums I’ve ever been to – the Apartheid Museum. It is a fascinating museum that you could spend days in. South Africa’s history isn’t pretty by any means. But is one which shouldn’t be forgotten either. The museum documents the origins and history of Apartheid along with its rise and fall. I also managed to interview Wayde Davy from the museum for a podcast which will be available on the site soon.

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