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  1. A tour of J Bay

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    A tour of J Bay


    With Tracey from Island Vibe, I saw a huge amount of Jeffreys Bay yesterday afternoon. I also met about 50 different people which was great.

    We started off hitting up all the surf shops in town. The PDF guide for J Bay will only be two pages long but I’m looking around at all these shops yesterday and thinking that I really should try to cover them in some way.

    So I’m thinking I'll do a feature article about all the different surf shops, from Billabong’s factory outlet store to the shops of local shapers (a shaper in this case being the person who shapes the board) because there really are some great ones here.

    Everywhere we went we were welcomed in and I collected a whole lot of information plus photos and videos.

    Eateries like the Wax Café, where we stopped off for a cool drink (I had a chocolate milkshake and Tracey had a mint and pineapple frappe), were just as welcoming. Everyone wanted to have a chat and I was more than happy to oblige. On a side note, I’m pretty sure I’m going to lose my voice before the end of this trip I’m doing that much talking.

    Something else we checked out was sandboarding. Tracey’s husband is actually an instructor here in J Bay so we went to have a look at what he and his clients were up to. I think I want to try that even more than I’d like to try surfing. It looked really cool! The dunes there are pretty massive and I got some cool shots of tracks of footprints all along them as you can see here.

    After more than a few hours going here there and everywhere we headed back to Island Vibe.

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