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  1. A trip down the St Lucia Lake

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    A trip down the St Lucia Lake


    Last Saturday, as part of the 3-day trip I was doing with Tekweni Ecotours, I went on a boat trip on the St Lucia Lake. It’s part of the St Lucia Wetland Park, which was the first place in South Africa to become a World Heritage listed site. Well worth visiting, it must be said.

    The boat left at 12 noon and went sailing down the lake in search of two main animals – the hippo and the crocodile. We saw both and weren’t disappointed by any means. Hippos have it easy. They laze in the water, coming up for air every now and then, and yawning too, which is a sight to behold. For this, even though they’re meant to be dangerous enough buggers, you have to like them. Crocs on the other hand aren’t very likable. They’re sneaky, dangerous creatures and would eat you in a minute. Nuff said.

    After the boat tour we visited a local craft market before seeing cats being fed at the Emdoneni Lodge. I’m not a big fan of looking at animals behind a cage, but we did get to go into one with a cheetah which was pretty cool.

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