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  1. A very big house in the country

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    A very big house in the country


    Evening of Friday 12th February: I’ve stayed in big places before, but I don’t think I’ve ever stayed in somewhere as big as where I stayed in St Lucia on my own. Myself and Marianna were staying in a lodge called Fish Eagle on the main street in St Lucia. We both had our own houses (yes, houses) and they were absolutely enormous.

    To put into perspective for you, mine had an enormous kitchen which is pictured, a little hall, a very large sitting room, two bedrooms with bunkbeds in each, and two large double rooms. And all that was in it was little ol’ me. To be honest I didn’t want to leave it to go for dinner as it had satellite TV and I could watch lots of programmes I was missing back at home!

    But I did go for dinner. Myself, Alfred and Marianna ate in Ocean Sizzler. I opted for the ribs. While the restaurant may been sizzler by name, it isn’t sizzler by nature as my dinner certainly could’ve been a bit warmer.

    After a quick meal we all left for our humble abodes for the evening. We’d a late-ish start (8.30am) so upon returning to my mansion I watched the end of Pineapple Express and about half of Something’s Got To Give. Thought the first one was a bit silly if I’m honest, and I’m a big Seth Rogen fan. The latter on the other hand, which stars Diane Keaton and Jack Nicholson, is a great movie.

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