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  1. A video postcard of Bratislava

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    A video postcard of Bratislava


    I was lucky enough to spend some time in beautiful Bratislava earlier this year. While there, I collected video footage of some of the city's top bars, restaurants and attractions, which I've now put together in our new video 'Bratislava - a video postcard'.

    Shot over a few days, this video includes attractions like Grassalkovich Palace, Halvne namestie (the city's lively main square), sunny Sad Janka Kral'a Park and lots more. I'm not religious but my favourite attraction was actually one of Bratislava's beautiful churches. If you're every in the city, I'd recommend a visit to the stunning Blue Church (or 'Modry kostolik') which definitely lives up to its colourful name!

    Some of the bars and restaurants I visited while in the city are also featured in the video including Verdict (a restaurant where I tried 'bryndzove pirohy', which are Slovakian dumplings) and Aligator, an awesome rock bar in the city's Old Town area.

    So, if you're heading to Bratislava or just thinking about it, check out our video postcard for Bratislava here.

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