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  1. A visit to Ottawa’s iconic Parliament Buildings

    posted by Rebecca Keenan | 0 Comments

    A visit to Ottawa’s iconic Parliament Buildings


    Today I left the HI-Ottawa Jail Hostel to go visit the Parliament Buildings located on Ottawa’s iconic Parliament Hill. At the Parliament Buildings, I recorded a podcast with Grantly, one of the Interpretation Officers there.

    Before I went in to record the podcast, I had a look around the grounds of Parliament Hill. If you follow the path to the back of the Parliament Buildings, you’ll see some stunning views out across the Ottawa River as well as numerous impressive statues.

    Back here is also where you’ll find Parliament Hill’s feline inhabitants, as there’s a sanctuary for stray cats on the grounds. Some of these furry fellows were wandering around today and the couple I came across were very friendly indeed.

    Then it was into the Parliament Buildings to record the podcast during which I heard all about the guided tours that take place here. These are free and take place regularly, but times for the tours are fluid depending on what’s going on in the buildings.

    One of the most impressive things I saw today was the Library. It’s a towering, wonderfully decorated room and it’s actually the only room of the Parliament Buildings that survived a huge fire back in the early 20th century.

    The Peace Tower, which is the tallest point of the Parliament Buildings, is also well worth a visit. It boasts an observation level, from which you’ll get great views of the city.

    After that I headed off to meet with Karen Squires from Ottawa Tourism to record a ‘What not to miss’ podcast. Karen had some great information about things to see and do in the city, so you should definitely check it out when it goes live.

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