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  1. Adams Morgan in Washington DC – where it’s at

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    Adams Morgan in Washington DC – where it’s at


    Last night I visited a neighbourhood called Adams Morgan. It’s north of Downtown Washington where I am and is home to lots of bars. Getting there is a tiny bit troublesome as, while it has its own metro stop, it is a decent walk away from the heart of the action. This is at the intersection of 18th and Colombia Ave.

    I was told to look for a bar called Madam’s Organ from the waitress in the restaurant I visited last night. Before popping in for a beer, I went in search of food. This is when I found a Turkish-flavoured restaurant called Meze. While they do have large dishes here, a lot of what is on the menu is snack-sized. Perfect for what I was looking for. I stopped and had a couple of glasses of white wine and updated my blog would you believe. I did get a couple of funny looks but when you’re a travel writer on the road this is what you have to do. Take note though – when you really want to be going is after 10pm when the menu changes and you get a lot better value for money.

    From here it was on to the imaginatively named Madam’s Organ. The first thing to catch my eye as I walked in was their tag line – “Where the beautiful people come to get ugly”. Funny. There is a cover charge, but nothing too offensive - $4 on a Thursday night. Cover ranges from $3 to $7. There was a bluegrass band playing on the ground floor, then upstairs there was similar type band playing, while at the top it was a lot more youth-orientated. I liked it. And if you’re coming here to DC I recommend you check it out.

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