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  1. Adios Peru...Hola Chile!

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    Adios Peru...Hola Chile!


    As the journey from Aguas Calientes to Cusco last night was a long and stressful one, when we arrived back in Cusco we all signed off so there was no farewell drink. Instead I went back to LOKI Hostel and got ready for Santiago where I am now.

    I’ve only just got here. I’m staying at Bellavista Hostel which is in a neighbourhood of the same name. I’m getting a really good vibe so far. The hostel is really cool, as is the neighbourhood. Reminds me of Greenwich Village and that’s saying something.

    There’s a barbecue on in the hostel tonight but my job is to research restaurants for you folk so that’s what I’m off to do. Am sure I’ll have room for a sausage or two when I get back though.


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