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    We've made it to the final category in our Travel Story Awards 2013 longlists: Best Adventure Story. Thanks to everyone for their thoughtful nominations, voting begins next week.

    The nominees for the Best Adventure Story category blew us away, we’re now totally jealous of your amazing experiences. We asked you to choose “a post that brings to life an amazing adventure – either an epic trip or an extreme or out-of-the-ordinary event that happened while travelling,” and epic and extreme is just what we got…

    Below are the adventurers who made it to the top 15…

    - Voting for Best Adventure Story will open on December 11th.

    - We’ll announce the final shortlist of five on the first day of voting.

    - The blogger with the most votes will be revealed in January, and will win a week’s free accommodation from Hostelworld.

    Adventure Story Longlist: the Top 15 Nominations

    Brendan’s Adventures

    The Only Honest Man in Kinshasa

    “An amazing look at an incredible journey through the Congo.”

    Backpacker Becki

    Everest Base Camp Trek - Facing the Challenge

    “Reaching Everest Base Camp is Epic. Fact.”

    Wandering Trader

    Petting & Walking With Cheetahs in Africa at Mukuni Big 5 Safaris

    “Not many people are able to walk cheetahs..”

    Bucket List Journey

    Swim in Jellyfish Lake in Palau, Micronesia

    “Swimming in a lake filled with jellyfish is completely unique and extreme.”


    San Blas Islands Sailing – Panama to Colombia

    “An adventurous take on making one of the most complicated border crossings in Latin America.”

    Bridges And Balloons

    The day we went in a hot air balloon. Oh my.

    No reason given. We love it anyway

    Just One Way Ticket

    Paragliding in Öludeniz: A spectacular place from every perspective

    No reason given. We love it anyway.

    Off The Path

    Bungee Jumping in Scotland

    No reason given. We love it anyway.

    Globo Treks

    Mongol Rally: That Time I Was Held At Gunpoint In Kyrgyzstan

    The Mongol Rally is adventurous enough without armed robbery coming into play.

    This Battered Suitcase

    Near Death on Bolivia’s Death Road

    “Because a fractured jaw always makes for a good story.”

    Beyond My Front Door

    Into the Eastern Desert – The Oasis

    “It is part of a series of posts on a out of the ordinary location and adventure.”

    Around the World in Eighty Years

    La Media Luna, Panama

    “A visit to a remote and unknown location in Panama where a miracle is said to have occurred.”


    Sulu Camping - The Marines Way

    “An adventure into one of the most dangerous place in the country.”

    The Planet D

    Greenland, the Land of Kayakers and Uncharted Fjords

    “Kayaking in Greenland above the Arctic Circle is epic. It's the adventure of a lifetime and it is absolutely beautiful.”

    Heather on Her Travels

    The Tour de Mont Blanc Diaries

    “We finally finished the Tour de Mont Blanc.”

    Congratulations to all nominees!

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