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  1. Alternative museums in Washington DC

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    Alternative museums in Washington DC


    If art, history or space aren’t your thing, don’t fret because there are some alternative museums here in Washington DC. The only thing though is that they’re not free like the others.

    There are two in particular that I’m going to point out. The first of these is the Spy Museum on F Street, across from Smithsonian American Art Gallery. If you’ve ever watched James Bond and thought ‘I’d like to try that’, then this is the museum for you. Here you learn the tricks of the trade in terms of disguise, how to spot another spy and a whole lot more.

    The other museum is the Newseum. If any of you out there are aspiring ‘hacks’ (slang for journalists) then you cannot miss this museum. Here you’ll find the largest section of the Berlin Wall outside of Berlin, an exhibition all about September 11 and more. It’s a fascinating museum.

    Now, the downside to these museums is that they’re not cheap. A ticket to the Spy Museum will set you back $18, while entrance into Newseum is $199.95. I know. Pricey. So is it worth it? Well, if you’re a spy freak, or an aspiring journalist absolutely. If not, maybe not. If I had to choose from one though, it would be Newseum. But that’s the journalist in me.

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