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  1. An afternoon of 'piece to cameras'

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    An afternoon of 'piece to cameras'


    Brendan was right. The weather cleared up in the end. Not until around 2pm mind you, but it cleared up.

    Today, yet again, was quite a productive day. I spent most of the morning going through my email and planning out the afternoon. Today’s afternoon entailed one major thing – the ‘piece to camera’. For those of you unaware of what a ‘piece to camera’ is, it’s the bit where presenters speak to the camera.

    As I’m pretty much a one-man band (I film the videos, present them and edit them), for the piece to cameras I need some assistance. So Toni and Lee from The Backpack were kind enough to let me borrow Miranda (one of the team here) for the afternoon.

    So once again in my car I went off for the afternoon. First stop was Table Mountain, then from here we went to Camps Bay (arguably Cape Town’s most famous), Clifton Beach (the next beach up) and V&A Waterfront – South Africa’s ‘most visited destination’ according to their website. That’s where I took this photo of Table Mountain. Nice isn’t it? I never tire of looking at this mountain.

    So Miranda, thanks very much for making sure I was smiling when I was speaking and for making sure the shots of your city looked nice.

    I left Miranda at the waterfront. She was going for a bite to eat and/or a movie with her Dad. I on the other hand went home, stopping for a quick bite to eat along the way. When I returned I met Pieter and Shody again (they’re the Dutch couple I was out with on Sunday night), Melanie, Pierre and Rihanna, After a quick drink we began to play ‘Asshole’. It’s a card game. I was an asshole many, many times.

    Pieter and Shody left but the rest of us played another game before going around the corner to a bar called Knoxville. It’s a new bar that’s extremely popular at the moment. It’s on Kloof St over a restaurant called Ocean Basket. It’s worth checking out.

    Now I’m back in the hostel and I’m just about to go to bed. I’ve another busy day ahead.

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