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  1. An evening in Vancouver’s popular Gastown neighbourhood

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    An evening in Vancouver’s popular Gastown neighbourhood


    Some of the restaurants and nightspots recommended to me by the staff here at HI-Vancouver Central are located down in Vancouver’s popular Gastown neighbourhood.

    This is a part of the city you should definitely check out if you’re visiting Vancouver. There are lots of shops ranging from the more tourist-oriented end of the scale to funky little art shops and lots more.

    Tree-lined streets, cobbled sidewalks and a lively atmosphere make this an especially cool spot for an evening stroll. While you’re there, make sure to check out the steam clock. Not only is it a really impressive sight with steam coming out of the top of the clock, it also makes some pretty tuneful tooting sounds on the hour.

    The funky light fixtures and twinkly light laden trees lining the streets make for some lovely night shots too, giving you something to take pictures of before you head for a drink.

    A couple of the bars we checked out in Gastown are the Pourhouse and the Lamplighter. These are two completely different bars and both are worth a look. At the Pourhouse, which has a turn of the century kind of vibe, the friendly, chatty staff serve up a variety of reasonably priced speciality beers and cocktails with names like ‘Sidecar’. Over at the Lamplighter you’ll be offered incredibly good value drinks specials in a loud, lively atmosphere. One of the barmen told us that the place also serves as a club on Friday and Saturday nights as they have a dancefloor, plus there’s live music on Thursday nights.

    So, Gastown is definitely one of the neighbourhoods you should make a point of checking out once the sun sets. Tomorrow we’re heading out early to catch a shuttle up to the Capilano Suspension Bridge where I’ll be recording the second of three podcasts which will feature in our ‘Only in Vancouver’ podcast.

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