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  1. Another fun night at the hostel

    posted by Colm Hanratty | 0 Comments

    Another fun night at the hostel


    The people at Miami Beach International Hostel where I’m staying are a friendly bunch. Jonathan and Barbara, the couple who run, get a keg of beer and give it to the residents free of charge every Thursday. Thursdays are popular nights as you can imagine.

    Last Thursday I joined the guests to help them finish that keg. Unsurprisingly, we all did so with great ease. I, along with all the other people here, had it gone in no time. Jonathan and Barbara were here to help. That’s them in the picture along with other members of the team.

    Afterwards everybody in the hostel went to a local bar called Automatic Slims. It’s not like Mansion, the club where we went on Wednesday. This is more of a ‘bar’ as opposed to a club. Still great fun though. Everybody from the hostel was well up for it.

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