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  1. Another good catch up

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    Another good catch up


    Last night wasn’t as hectic as Friday night, but I’d a good night all the same. I met up with my friend Joanna who works in a bar down off Wall Street – the Full Shilling. From there we went to a bar where another friend works – the Sixth Ward. It’s over on the Lower East Side.

    While both are ‘Irish’ in a way, they’re completely different. ‘The Full Shilling’ is the stereotypical Irish bar, with sign posts for Irish towns etc hanging around the place. The latter though is Irish-owned, but that’s it in terms of ‘Oirishness’ if you know what I mean.

    Both are worth checking out, but The Sixth Ward might be the one that would suit the people who use this website. It’s a bit ‘younger’ and 'hipper' if you get me. But enjoyed both all the same.

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