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  1. Another Party with St. Patrick Competition Guest Blogger!

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    Another Party with St. Patrick Competition Guest Blogger!


    Name: Graham Smith

    Nickname: Crazy legs

    I'm excited about visiting Dublin for the first time - especially as it coincides with St. Patrick's Day. I am looking forward to seeing the city in full party mode.

    I've been living next door to Gary in Beckenham for over 3 years and was made up when he invited me to take advantage of his competition win. I work in Soho in marketing and in my spare time I enjoy football and socialising. I travel all over the UK watching Arsenal and am in Leeds this weekend as part of going to see them at Hull in the Premiership.

    I enjoy travel. My sister lives in Sydney so I've been to Australia and New Zealand in recent years and loved them both. Other cities that I've particularly enjoyed visiting have included: Cape Town, New York, San Francisco, Bangkok, Barcelona, Tallinn, Krakow, Porto, Rome, Paris and Edinburgh.

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