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  1. London - your ultimate guide

    posted by Colm Hanratty | 0 Comments

    London - your ultimate guide


    Now that 'The Games' have started, I thought I'd put together all our videos, guides and more for London all in the one place. Read on to discover where our facebook fans think is good to eat, what are the best free things to do, and how to save money in our video.

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  2. Special deals...inspiring destinations

    posted by Heather Thompson | 0 Comments

    Special deals...inspiring destinations


    As we get further into the year, thoughts turn to holidays near and far. Whether you’re looking for a short break or a long adventure, we have some great deals in exciting destinations.

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  3. 3 must-do Lisbon day trips

    posted by Guest blogger - Fiona Hilliard | 0 Comments

    3 must-do Lisbon day trips


    I have been to Lisbon five times now. Every time I visit I discover something new, different or amazing. The city is young and vibrant and is famous for having the best hostels in the world. But that’s not all. The surrounding towns and neighbourhoods are home to some of the most beautiful and interesting attractions in Europe.

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  4. 10 things not to miss in Vilnius

    posted by Guest blogger - Ele Pranaityte | 1 Comments

    10 things not to miss in Vilnius


    Capital of Lithuania and the place where I call home, Vilnius has been the home to many people of different cultures for a very long time. It is a diverse city with a long history that has a lot to offer for both its residents and tourists. Its got museums, parks, historical landmarks, good local and international food, and a rich events calendar. It is difficult to decide where to go and what to do, especially if it is your first time here, so 10 things not to miss will help you plan your time…

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  5. Top ten hostels worldwide in June 2012 - according to you

    posted by Colm Hanratty | 1 Comments

    Top ten hostels worldwide in June 2012 - according to you


    Each month we ask you, our customers, to rate the hostels you stay in. Then from these ratings and reviews we compile a list of the top ten hostels in the world. The results from last month's ratings are in so we can now reveal what are the top ten for June...

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  6. Introducing...the Hostelworld VIP Experience

    posted by Heather Thompson | 2 Comments


    We love reading your reviews. Not only so we can read feedback on hostels around the world, but also so we can provide other travellers with honest, real-time reviews for the world’s top hostels. They help travellers know which hostels they can trust to give them the best experiences. To let you guys know a little of just how much we appreciate this wealth of information, we’ve decided to reward our top reviewers every month with complimentary "VIP Experiences".

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  7. Special deals... inspiring destinations

    posted by Tracy Lynch | 0 Comments


    Thinking about making a getaway? Or planning your next stop-off on your round the world trip? Let these great deals in cities around the world inspire your next destination.

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