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  1. Hostelworld.com Adventure Taxi

    posted by Elaine Kellegher | 0 Comments


    The Hostelworld.com Adventure Taxi has been busy whisking people off on surprise adventures!

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  2. 5 Irish outdoor thrills to get your heart racing

    posted by Manita Dosanjh | 0 Comments


    Most of us know that Ireland is good for a drink or two. You say Irish; you hear pub. But there is far more to the Emerald Isle than most of us realise. With miles of untouched natural beauty and a killer wave every now and again, Ireland is the perfect place to take a walk on the wild side.

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  3. Be our VIP in gorgeous Galway

    posted by Heather Thompson | 0 Comments


    Are you thinking of visiting Galway soon? How would you like to feel like a VIP when you get there? If you're our top reviewer this month that's exactly what you can enjoy.

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  4. Magic, myth and mystery: discover Ireland’s coastal charms

    posted by Manita Dosanjh | 0 Comments


    So you know Ireland is famous for Guinness, but have you heard about the magic? And no, before you ask, we’re not talking about leprechauns. It’s no secret that Ireland is home to some of the most stunning coastlines in the world, so let us reveal a little of their myth and mystery…

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  5. Top 5 cheap eats in Dublin

    posted by Manita Dosanjh | 0 Comments


    The restaurants of Dublin are waiting for you to visit, so come and say hello! You don’t have to have deep pockets for a great meal, Dublin is kind to the thrifty and when it comes to food, even the most modest funds will find you something amazing. You can work your way through dozens of different cuisines and have plenty of room left in your budget for a relaxing pint of Guinness - all against the backdrop of the capital’s cosy charm.

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