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  1. Arriving in beautiful Niagara Falls

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    Arriving in beautiful Niagara Falls


    I left Toronto early this morning to catch a train to Niagara Falls, my last destination here in Canada.

    I’m staying at the ACBB Hostel, and when I arrived I met all the staff here. They graciously provided me with much-needed coffee along with some great recommendations.

    Patrick who owns the hostel took me out on a walk and brought me down to what is definitely the area’s number one attraction, the Falls themselves.

    You could use words like striking or even awe-inspiring to describe the Falls but even these don’t do these incredibly beautiful waterfalls justice. To see the sheer volume rushing over the Falls is nothing short of staggering and the point at the edge where the water just starts to tip over, that’s borderline hypnotic.

    I got to see a couple of the Maid of the Mist boats heading towards the Canadian Horseshoe Falls too, and even managed to get some footage of them before it started to rain. As a result of the weather (which involved some pretty impressive thunder along with the rain), I’m going to leave my own Maid of the Mist trip until Wednesday when the weather is due to improve.

    The hostel is really centrally located which is great as it’s going to be really handy to get around. It also made it really easy to go check out some of the nightlife here in Niagara Falls this evening, which you can read about in my next post.

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