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  1. Arriving in Hamburg, Germany

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    Arriving in Hamburg, Germany


    I landed in Hamburg earlier today and made my way to Hotel Figaro where I’m going to be staying until Sunday. I’m in the city to collect information for a pocket guide, podcast and video postcard.

    After I got my room sorted, I wandered out to get my first taste of the second biggest city in Germany. I headed towards the closest U-Bahn station to get one of the subway trains down to the harbour area. This is where you’ll find the Landungebrücken which are basically a series of quays. It seems to be a pretty lively spot, with lots of people strolling along the docks, checking out all the boats.

    From here I decided to make my way towards the infamous Reeperbahn area of the city for a look around and for some dinner. On the way I caught a glimpse of the Michaeliskirche and took a short detour to go have a look. I’ll be going back there tomorrow to actually go inside and head up the tower but this picture is just a first look at one of Hamburg’s top attractions.

    Then it was over to Reeperbahn. Located in the St Pauli district of Hamburg, this area is both the city’s red light district and one of its top areas in terms of nightlife. After a stroll along the street, which was starting to get quite busy, I made my way inside busy restaurant Tex’s Bar-B-Q for some dinner.

    And what did I have on my first night in Hamburg? A hamburger.

    This is where they same the name originated from so I thought it was a fitting choice. Really delicious too and my fries came with a generously filled pot of mayo to dip them in. Yum.

    Before I headed back for the night, I stopped in at Lehmitz, one of the bars on the strip, for a quick drink. I was drawn in by the loud metal music emanating from inside and I’m glad I checked the place out. Friendly crowd, foosball table and, I’m told, lots of live music too.

    Tomorrow I’m recording a podcast in the morning down in the city centre, which will be pretty handy for checking out lots of the main attractions when I’m done.

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