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  1. Arriving in Mossel Bay

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    Arriving in Mossel Bay


    I left Plett for Mossel Bay today after a morning of finishing up the last few things in Plettenberg Bay and procuring a couple of second hand books for the bus journey today and for my trek from Mossel Bay to Cape Town on Thursday.

    It was a shorter drive than I expected but then again I did fall asleep on the way!

    We arrived at Mossel Bay Backpackers where I'm staying here in town at around 4pm and I was shown to my lovely room in the adjoining guesthouse.

    There's no picture here of it at the moment unfortunately as I'm having some internet connectivity issues with my laptop. At the moment I'm sitting at the hostel's PC and trying to get a few things done without totally hogging it on everyone else.

    I'll add a pic as soon as I can though because it really is a great room! (Update: My WiFi is working again. Went through all the steps Owen gave me before logging on here in Cape Town and it now works. Yay!)

    After a while of fighting with my laptop I gave up on technology and went for a walk to check out some of the sights near the hostel.

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