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  1. Arriving in Plett

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    Arriving in Plett


    I arrived in Plettenberg Bay or Plett after a really pleasant trip on the Baz Bus. On the way we stopped in a little roadside café where I bought my first souvenir and also talked to a lady who works there about the area’s current drought.

    When the bus arrived in Plett, it dropped me off at my hostel. I’m staying in Albergo for Backpackers.

    As you can see, I’ve got an awesome bedroom in the hostel and what you can’t see in the picture is the separate sitting room where I’m sitting at a desk to type up these blogs. The room also has a private bathroom and there’s a kitchen just around the corner. Sweet or what!

    After I got my stuff put away, I went and had a meeting with Leslie and Mirjam, the owners of the hostel. We sat down and went through what I wanted to get for the guide/video/podcast and then basically helped me come up with a plan to do just that.

    Which started off with them driving me around one side of town which you’ll hear about in my next post.

    Before we headed out though, I got in contact with Lara at Birds of Eden and Monkeyland to confirm our podcast appointment. It’s tomorrow at 11am so before I head over to meet her and check the place out, I’m heading to the nearby Elephant Sanctuary to have a look there too. I’ll be accompanied by Nina who’s just starting to work at the hostel so it should be a good time.

    While I was organising things, Leslie and Mirjam also mentioned the bungee jump (the world’s highest) which is located not far from Plett. Beverly from the hostel is keen to check it out and I’m trying to psych myself up to actually do it when we get there. I’m going to try and not be all cowardly lion about it but I offer no promises!

    We passed over the gorge where it’s done on the bus and man is it high. Still, we shall see how I feel about the whole thing on Sunday when we get there.

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