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  1. Arriving in Quebec City and visiting the Parliament Building

    posted by Rebecca Keenan | 0 Comments

    Arriving in Quebec City and visiting the Parliament Building


    I arrived in Quebec City at about lunchtime today having caught the train in Montréal. This really is a great time of the year for travelling by train here as all the trees are turning amazing colours and it made for some beautiful scenery along the way.

    When I got to the city, I made my way to the HI-Quebec where I’ll be staying until Sunday. I had a great chat with Lyne at the hostel and she gave me some top tips for restaurants and bars to check out around the city.

    After that I met with Sharon who works with the tourist office in town and she helped me get around in the pouring rain to some of the city’s top attractions, while providing me with lots of great information about Quebec City.

    One of the attractions I visited today was the Parliament Building. This building is home to the Quebec National Assembly, with 125 representatives sitting here to conduct parliamentary business.

    It’s a really impressive building and it showcases Quebec’s history, which the city has quite a bit of as it’s the oldest city in Canada and one of the oldest in all of North America. On the tour inside you’ll see the impressive halls where the Assembly sits. In fact, if you make a reservation you can actually visit while they’re in session.

    There’s some really impressive art in the building too, from ornate chandeliers to impressive plaster work to the beautiful glass you can see here. I recorded a podcast with Jeannot, one of the guides at the Parliament Building, while I was there and it’ll feature in our only in Quebec podcast.

    I also recorded podcasts at the city’s L’Observatoire and at the Citadelle. Unfortunately, because of rain and fog, I haven’t got any good pictures of those places yet. However, the weather is apparently due to pick up on Saturday so expect posts about these top Quebec City attractions then.

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