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  1. Arriving in Vancouver, Canada

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    Arriving in Vancouver, Canada


    After two planes, three timezones and many, many hours in transit, I have arrived in Vancouver, Canada where I’m staying at the HI-Vancouver Central.

    My friend Vicki is with me for this, the first of six cities on my Canadian itinerary. As you can see from the picture here, we’ve got a great room at the hostel.

    My first impression of Vancouver is that it’s a pretty big city with lots of long, leafy streets. I’m looking forward to sitting down with some of the staff here at the HI-Vancouver Central tomorrow to get some recommendations for bars and restaurants, and then to start exploring the city. I’m also recording my first Vancouver podcast tomorrow afternoon at the Vancouver Aquarium, which should be really interesting.

    I’m a bit wrecked now after all the travelling so it’s definitely time to get some rest but expect to hear more from me tomorrow.

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