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  1. Art museums and galleries in Santiago

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    Art museums and galleries in Santiago


    If art is your thing then you’re going to like Santiago. There are lots of good museums to check out. This morning I did a whirlwind tour of three of them...

    Museo Nacional des Bellas Artes: which is one of the main art museums in the city.

    Museo de Arte Contemporaneo: You guessed it - contemporary art

    Museo Chileno de Arte Precolumbo: Widely regarded as the city’s best museum

    In the afternoon I went over to Barrio Brazil which is a popular area to visit among travellers to the Chilean capital. Chileans wonder at this though. And after being there for a while I have to say so do I. There was some nice street graffiti there, and I had a lovely sandwich in El Café on the corner of Plaza Brazil, but other than that I felt it lacked the charm of Barrio Bellavista.

    It's raining now which is a bit rubbish. Quite heavily in fact. I didn't get too wet though as I just visited La Chascona, home of famed Chilean poet Pablo Neruda. That picture on this post was taken there. He was a unique individual. The eyes are a warning telling you to watch it near stuff that you may bang your head off. If you come here, pay it a visit. Is well worth it.

    I’m back in the hostel now and I’ve just put on a wash. The first one I’ve done myself in a long time. Brings back memories of being on the road a loooooooooooong time ago...

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